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One More Chance
By Kazz Falcon

One More Chance
All I need
I don’t want to fall again
Please forget the past
Let’s last a lifetime together
My time was with you
No other will split us apart
My lust set me world’s afar
I get no real love from my lust
 I sealed it with a kiss
Your love I truly miss
Can’t you see the white doves?
Our love was meant to be
I couldn’t be happier
Don’t you want that too?
All I need
One more chance

Option Boyfriends
By Kazz Falcon

Option Boyfriends
I had many dates with friends
Any men sounds good
I loved the right to choose
The light was clear
“Weed them in, weed them out.”
The best advice I ever received
The rest will follow through
I waited for a while
The bait was there
I sorted out the weeds
I trusted my heart
Here comes Mr. Right
There’s the door, men
I was serious about this guy
I closed the door on the option boyfriends

By Kazz Falcon

He left me for another man
I was so much in love with him
He was the only one for me
How could he do that to me?
What have I done?
I was so alone
I might as well get stone
Please help me to get over the pain
Forget about him, I used cocaine
I must let him go
I never want to see him again
He caused me much pain
I hoped he get run over by a train
I thought about what he did
A sinking feeling, I need to move
San Francisco reminds me too much of our love
I cried no more
I tried a new life in West Hollywood
My days was full of sunshine
Fix my heart, dear Lord,
Give my love to someone else
I still trust this golden rule,
The core of real love was staying faithful forever

The Way You Are
By Kazz Falcon

The Way You Are
You do really care
For your eyes, I was completely stare
You was so positive about life
You never let things get to you
You was Winnie The Pooh
I was sweet as honey
I ran out of money
You gave me some to fall back on
Set your goals high
Let them fall into its places
And get rewarding results
You don’t have take a step back
You remained on the right track
Moving forward with your life
Loving you all the time
You won’t let me fall down alone
Like the episode of my drug addiction
You loved me every day
Your career made what you’re today
You was a success in every way
Drove fancy cars, wore top designer’s clothes,
And living in a high-rise apartment
You’re giving to your friends
You shouted our love on the rooftop
You don’t care who know about us
I stared into your eyes
I saw a sweet loving person
The way you are

Anything For You
By Kazz Falcon

Anything For You
Something I can’t deny
Without someone’s love, it’s been too long
My feelings was so strong
Peel them off my body
You’ll see my loving heart
With looks, you don’t want the outside
I was so tender inside
You touched my softness
I melted in front of you
The heart beated for true love
We cheated the past
In the present, we’re living a second chance
Our feelings turned passionate
We burned in each other’s arms
Nothing can stop us
Anything for us lasts a lifetime
Some things were meant to be
I would do anything for you

Kiss Me
By Kazz Falcon

Kiss Me
You missed me
I came back to you
My heart shouted for you,
Beating to be near you
I missed you too
We still need our space
It thrills me
I can do my own thing with friends
Don’t forget our love
I won’t either
Yours and mine forever
You was the best wine
Taste great after all these years
I fell in love since the day you walked into my life
I persuaded you to be my wife
Our marriage was lasting a lifetime
We blasted off a good start
We left the past behind
The present was our love to the future
God sent me the most wonderful gift
My spirits were lifted up
I shifted my love to you only
Kiss me

Real Lover
By Kazz Falcon

Real Lover
So sad, I’ve never had one
I was glad I don’t mess around
I did in the past, I confessed
It made me less of a man
I would trade it for the world
It could bring a boyfriend sooner
I should wait for the right one to come along
I defeated the lust with Jesus’ help
Jesus treated me to my man
The guiding force saw it through
True love conquered the lust
I shy away from those places
I was so glad the lust left for good
I can’t be sad any longer
I got my man during the full moon
He swept me off my feet
He carried me away in his arms
I can’t be alarm
Lust won’t harm me
Because he’s a Godsend real lover

Hear Me
By Kazz Falcon

Hear Me
My heart beats for true love
It eats me alive
I want you, sweetheart
A lifetime was more like it
I dared to admit my love
You stared into my eyes
You admitted it too
We shared our triumphs and sorrows
We cared for our needs
I gave you my loving heart
I’ll make you dreams come true
I took you in my arms
 I hugged you tight
You was the light of my life
Please be my wife
I’ll be our husband
Together forever till death do us apart
I spoke from love
I truly love you with all my heart
My heart beats for true love
Hear me

The Bait
By Kazz Falcon

The Bait
I waited for the right one
“Go fishing!” someone said.
I wished Mr. Right would come
I looked beyond the sights
I hooked up a nice fella
I cooked his favorite meal
We got to know each other
We let the magic come
We set our hearts for true love
We moved closer, falling in love
I want all of him
Sharing him is a no no
He cared for a life with me
He dared to take me up my offer
An offer he couldn’t refuse
I wouldn’t let him get away that easy
I was the bait to his heart in the lake
He swam up to me, the only one for him
Others threw stones at me
He was so different
The gay mermaid didn’t pass up the bait

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
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