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Blame Me, Shame Me
By Kazz Falcon

Blame me, shame me
I came on strong, a lonely heart
I must be insane; you gave me your whole heart
I lusted after other men,
You busted me in our bed again
I can’t blame you,
But I put the shame on you
Your love disappeared into the night
My lust gave me that HIV fright
Now you don’t want me
I broke the marriage law
It woke you up; you want a divorce
How could I be such a force?
The sands of our love,
So are the days that cost me my first love
Blame me, shame me

This Fire
By Kazz Falcon

This fire burned wild
I turned into a monster
Something I can’t handle
Nothing can put me in the right track
The monster gave me a fight
I can’t live this way
Why does it have to stay?
I give anything for a better life
I want no more throwing the knife
I need to take the responsibles like a man
The monster set me worlds apart from my plan
I must have God’s help
I trusted he lead the way
God dusted off the monster for good
Lust, I was free from
I wouldn’t go down that easy
The monster wasn’t from God, love is
God proved this was wrong
I longed for true love
This fire

I Messed Up
By Kazz Falcon

I Messed Up
I confessed it to my heart
My boyfriend knows the troubles I caused
It deepened my soul
Tears filled my eyes
Fears I may not get a chance
A chance to make things right
I forsaken my good life
Please take me back in time
I spoke to this guy on the greyhound bus
His speech woke me up
My pride sounds believable right
I found my way back to Dallas
I corrected the things I did wrong
It brought us closer once again
I sought no more stings in his life
He don’t want me to be a bee
I won’t go buzzing for trouble
What’s the heck!
It was reality check time
I was in Los Angeles starting over
A life I damn well won’t mess up
I fell down to my knees
I prayed to God,
“Somehow, make things right between us.”
Anyhow, I really need to straighten out my life
This time, a good wonderful friend to know
I confessed to my heart
I messed up

My Sweet Thing
By Kazz Falcon

My Sweet Thing
I cheated behind his back
I ate someone else’s snack
Isn’t that neat?
My love always treated me nice
I found the heat of passion at Axis
It sounded like a bad dream
I grounded our love
My white dove was flying mad
I tried to get a second chance
I cried my eyes out
I shouldn’t do it in the first place
Couldn’t he forgive me?
I promised I wouldn’t go back to cheating
“Promises, promises, promises!” He yelled.
He was sick of me
And sent me out of his life forever
At my cost, I lost my sweet thing

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.