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By Kazz Falcon

It was good to know all kinds
If I don’t mind
I want to learn about their cultures
I had an opened mind
It saved me from the troubles I don’t need
Learning fed me information
Earning a good reputation among them
The hatred was awful food to swallow
It divided people in separated worlds
Love provided good nature people
Everyone lived in a peaceful world
No matter who we are
Gays, straights, whites, blacks, and etc.
The days were wonderful to share with them
I cared for them
I love them as brothers and sisters
Hatred moved us farther apart from each other
Can’t we be a part of growing together as a family?
Together, we can be stronger
Against all odds that comes our way
We stood tall as one
No one fall down to the hatred
The Holy Bible said,
“Love one another as Jesus Christ loves us.”
We had the same father, God
We were brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ
Please have a loving careful heart
In the world for people

Ku Klux Klan
By Kazz Falcon

Ku Klux Klan
I don’t plan of being friends
And/or getting involved
Their minds were set on hatred
I get the hell away from them
The way to people’s heart was love
They were nothing but trouble
Something got to give
Love was the right way to live
They fought against who we are
They don’t care for nobody but themselves
I won’t even be in contact
Whites wasn’t the only race around
I had a sound mind and loved everybody
Around the world, they were all types pf people
I won’t fall for their evil ways
They lived for Satan
They burn crosses and the like
I turned my head away
I walked away peacefully
I don’t talked to them
They proclaimed white are superior
Everybody was equal
Nobody was different
God made us all human beings
Why trade that for the world?
God couldn’t hate his children
Shouldn’t you love your bro and sis?
Jesus Christ loves us
We must do the same
Why trust the Ku Klux Klan?

By Kazz Falcon

Want some cheese?
Oh please!
I had none to offer
Standing alone
They waited for a victim
Why be their bait?
They doesn’t rely on their fate
Cheese, they want
Please! They want something else
Something they were not going to get
Get them away
Set a mouse trap
Let them find it somewhere else
I might be kind
BUT, I was not that blind
I see what they’re up to
They want money
I was not their honey
I go the other way
From them possible, I go far away
I arrived at another place
They were nowhere near
The close was clear
I won’t listen to fear
Sweet sounds comes to my ears
Good night, rats

By Kazz Falcon

Kooks spooks me
I looked them in their eyes
They were shook by unrealistic things
They believed anything else
Some things wasn’t what they seemed
They was in their own worlds
I was glad I’m not one of them
So sad, they were disowned by their family
I don’t want to put up with their world
Living in the real world was much better
In the nutt house, they belonged
They can’t harm anyone
I was always on the alarm
I stayed my distance
I mind my own business
Watch out for kooks

By Kazz Falcon

I had nothing to see through my eyes
There’s nothing to see except darkness
A picture in my mind was feeling faces
My fingers was the only way to read
I listened to someone’s talking
I know who’s talking by heart
People’s voices was soundproof
They disguised their voices
I wondered who’s there
A cane and a dog were my guide to walk
I wouldn’t run into people and things
They helped me in my life
I know my surroundings
I painted a picture in my head
It’s so clearly to see
I felt comfortable at home
There was nothing out of place

The Cult
By Kazz Falcon

The Cult
Their leader wasn’t God
Was David Koresh one?
It passed and done with
God was an everlasting God
Don’t compared David to God
I shared this with you
“The only person we saw in the flash
as God was Jesus Christ.”
David Koresh wasn’t God to begin with
Nobody was except Jesus
Everyone must live for God
The cult brainwashed you to believed
The cult leader was God
The followers won’t accept the real God
Don’t listen to the cult
Your life will be better off
Jesus was the saving grave for all mankind
The cult faced death
A suicide pact was among them
The Waco fire was very important to remember
Guns, stand off, killings, etc.
I was willing to live for God
I won’t give my life to the cult

The Human Flies
By Kazz Falcon

The human flies hung around downtown
They made their rounds, mostly at night
They worked 24 hours nonstop
Why forked over their needs?
It wssn’t theirs to begin with
Enough already!
 I was ready to splat them
Perhaps, with a baseball bat
Take that, flies
They lurked by the liquid stores
They waited for the right moment to struck
“Give me some money and smokes,” they begged
They wouldn’t let it down
All I can do was ignore them
I wouldn’t stop and talk to them
They told tall stories
I was a sucker for them
They struck gold, “Thanks.”
Then, they waited for the next one
They can’t be trusted
The streets was their home
The human flies

By Kazz Falcon

A new life was born in this world
They was full of love
They was a bundle of joy
They wanted toys to play with
The parents cared for them
The babies can’t do it by themselves
They know nothing about life
They will cry, cry, cry
Till the parents come to the rescue
It can be anything
Feeding, fever, diaper change, and etc.
They need all the loving they can get
The parents raised them for 18 or 21 years
From a baby to child to a teen
That’s the parents’ responsible
The parents showed them love by being there
The babies learned from them
They earned to go to school
The parents know when they was ready
They crawled, their first step,
Walking and talking, potty train,
And learn from “Sesame Street”
They were off to school as a child

By Kazz Falcon
Dedicated to Moon

I came from another world
It wasn’t the same
I became sad
I felt like crying
Everyone seemed distance from me
They rejected me because I was different
The aspects of things,
What must I correct?
I just don’t understand
They can’t accepted the person I was
I came to this world for acceptance
I need to find it somewhere else
I don’t belong in my world
I hope this world was the place for me
Please trace me to my type of people
They will know where I was coming from
Everyone was me in some way

By Kazz Falcon

I don’t dare to change the person
The happiness won’t star in my face
The sadness cares for the depression
I have to accept the person I was
Someone promised me the worse wouldn’t happen
The trick in the hat was accepting it
My life will be on the right track
The beauty lies within me
I felt good about myself
I showed my happy face around
An ace beaten all comers
People was going through the same thing
“Why me?  Why am I gay?”
Others have the same problem
“Why me? Why am in black?”
“Why me?  Why am I HIV positive?”
“Why me?  Why am I fat?”
The prejudice was against who we are
People see me differently
I was not one of God’s children
There was nothing I could do
Except live the life God gave me
No matter what the people think or feel
My life was too important to lose over nothing
I must be gay to remain happy
Being gay was a part of life
I was not alone
The rest would follow my lead
It gave me peace, love, happiness and understanding
The only thing matter was my happiness

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.