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Way Off
By Kazz Falcon

Way Off
I blasted to the moon
Till my normal life come back soon
I was not myself
Beer and weed got a hold on me
Jeers to my speed
It fed me a stupid life
I was so stupid for doing drugs
What good was that?
I was in a mood for smoking pot and drinking beer
It was my time for freedom from my life
I don’t want it anymore
It won’t cost me my life
Why be lost?
My normal life does me good
It goes to show me
I don’t need alcohol and drugs
I was not that stupid
But stupid for being stupid
Is that all I care?
I was way off

By Kazz Falcon

I got to have it
The craving was too strong
I wanted more, feeling good
Once wasn’t enough
I couldn’t be tough
I fell to be a victim
The wall of self-control trembled down
I looked back
The pot hooked me
The cops booked me for possession for drugs
Further from my mind was the hugs
I still want to do pot

Crashed And Burned
By Kazz Falcon

Crashed and Burned
I dashed my life away
I burned for a new life
I turned stupidly wild
I need drugs to get high
The weed set me high above the skies
I flew into a wall
I fell on hard times
It made me sad
This lad can’t think straight
I caught up in the drugs
My parents taught me,
“Drugs are bad and dangerous.”
I continued the trip on the drugs
It ripped my life apart
I already reached to the lowest
Nothing else matters
Welcome to my world
I crashed and burned

All Alone
By Kazz Falcon

All Alone
I was stoned
It was a foolish thing to do
I thought it’s cool
My pool of friends swam away
May the power of God look after me?
I laid in tears
Nobody was here to put me on track
Sorrows won’t bring back my friends
They believed I changed for the worse
I was not the same person they once know
I became unhappy and depressed
Being wild slapped everybody in the their faces
Nobody gives a damn
I was living all alone

A Major Crack Head
By Kazz Falcon

A Major Crack Head
His name was Jack
He does drugs
He don’t want hugs
I won’t give him any money
He lived for pot
I let him rot till he sees the light
He wasn’t bright
The drugs clouded his mind
I might have a kind heart
He’s just on a drug wave
Must he keep on?
He can’t sleep that often
I won’t for him
I do care deep inside
He gets it from some people
The drugs was his downfall
His life was against the wall
Drugs was his only interest
His name was Jack
A major crack head

A Little Bit Of Drugs
By Kazz Falcon

A little bit of drugs
I had some while I partied with friends.
I felt so relax
It gave me renew energy
I had an awesome time
I had never felt this good before
The energy was excellent for dancing
I could keep on and on and on
I would groove to the beat
I should live it up a little
I was raised that drugs was wrong
I grew older and wiser
My life wouldn't be a huge mess
The drugs were under control
I had power over the drugs
It was okay to do the drugs
I was in a fabulous mood
A little bit of drugs

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