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True Meaning Of Friendship
By Kazz Falcon

True Meaning Of Friendship
My best friends taught me
I caught on real fast
For a lifetime, a friendship lasts
Memories was riches in the present
I was in car accident
He didn’t have time to visit
It turned the friendship to estrangement
It burned hatred inside of me
I resented him for not being there
What happened to our closeness?
I can’t believe he let me down
My smiles turned into frowns
It ripped my heart apart
Another friend showed me a painting of his art

“Two close friends were fading
Caused by each other’s prides
Separated, they missed the fun and bumpy rides
I hate seeing you two acting like kids.”

He finally showed up
Emotions filled our eyes with tears
We came to a realization
We were more than friends,
A family growing old together
Without each other, we can’t last
We stared into the past
We had a wonderful friendship
We never give each other lip
The day has come to be friends again
Welcome to the true meaning of friendship

This Nice Guy
By Kazz Falcon

This nice guy gets run over
It’s no fun in the park
The sun was full of darkness
Clouds came in
It poured down rain
The friends weren’t the same
The friends were using me
Stop treating me like trash
I stood in the rain
Please let the sun shine on them
No guns would be use
I won’t stand for abuse
Are they confused?
I cared for true friends
I blamed the users
They were losers
Do you want to admit that?
I kicked them out of my life
Doubled my pleasure
True friends were a treasure
It was a treasure to get rich off
We had a loving caring friendship
This nice guy

By Kazz Falcon

Friendship was wonderful to have
Stay clear away from sex
It doesn’t belong anywhere near the heart of friendship
When a friend was down,
Help him through comfort
Hugging was letting them know
You was a true friend indeed, not something of lust
Friends were there for each other
You can count on me
Don’t confuse sex with friendship
It wasn’t meant to be that way
Sex can ruin a friendship

By Kazz Falcon

Dave lived in a cave
I waved my hand
He cried in excitement
He has never had a real friend before
I was glad I know him
He might be ugly
The sight was unbelievable
It frightened him
No one was there for him
I brightened up his life
Friends should do that
Much to his suprise, I invited him to my place
He could live at my place
I would let him
The pet can defend me against all troubles
Our friendship was set forever
The rain won’t wet our parade
I trained him to be the best watchdog I ever had
He won’t live in a cave

Just Like Family
By Kazz Falcon

Just Like Family
It's a must have for me
Trustworthy friends forever
I busted away from my real family
True friends became my family
A family of friends
I don’t see my real family that often
Won’t you want friends as family?
I do
They were great
On my own was the ticket
I loved them as family
I gained a close bond with them
They were the main source for love and comfort
From the outside of my real family
They helped me through problems
They truly cared for me
We shared gay pleasant times
They know me like a book
I hooked to true friends
They ended my pain
They attended to my every need
They gave me love when I was sick or down
I spent time with them
There’s nothing like family
They became my second family
A close-knit group
Just like family

The Real You?
By Kazz Falcon

The Real You?
What’s the deal?
I felt like it’s wrong to be gay
It’s hard to understand
You lived in a fairyland
I assumed you gave up on girls
You talked about it
I walked away from you
It was a completely shock to me
Why rock the boat with men?
They were lots of girls to be with
I dared to admit,
“I still care for you.”
I won't abandon our friendship
You were my brother forever
Now, my sister
Knowing the real you really counts
From a straight bro to a gay sis
I wept
You kept the secret saddens me
I thought u could trust me
Was this the end of us?
I loved you no matter who you are
Because we knew each other since childhood
From now on, no more secrets
Trust me, we will always be close
Just be yourself
I would rather to know the real you

The Back Seat
By Kazz Falcon

The Back Seat
My friends comes first
Whenever they’re in need
I was there for them
Here’s my plan
“My heart goes out with full of love.”
They were a part of my life
Everyone of them was a sweetheart
Someone must be there for them when they’re down
I happened to be that person
I know how they feel
I showed them my poems
They ultimately related to them
The poems they read
I picked out the ones they need
They licked their wounds
They moved on with their lives
I loved all my friends to death
They means the world to me
They were more important than lovers
“Lovers comes and goes.
Friends lasts a lifetime.”
That’s why I took the back seat

By Kazz Falcon

Ex means I broke up with someone
Sex wasn’t involved anymore
I remained friends
I gained something special
A special kind of love
Friends were more important
They know you like a book
The ex cooked my goose
My lover let me loose
Messing around was two timing
I didn’t feel that good
The lover was in a bad mood
He wasn’t that blind
He saw it through the gifts I brought
Regaining his trust was hard to do
I proved me faithfulness to him like never before
Love was hard for the second time around
It wouldn’t be that bad
Only I really mean it
The craving I have prompted me again
My lover was done with me
The love we both had vanished into thin air
Always remember:
Ex stands for mark them out as lovers
And be friends
The way it was meant to be

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.