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Moving On Up
By Kazz Falcon

Moving On Up
I loved every minute of it
I proved I can make it to the top
I had plans of staying there
For the rest of my life
The best was coming
I flew away on my own from the nest
I grow up fast
I was ready for the big time
The bait smelt so tasteful
I shouldn’t waste my time
I couldn’t afford to
Time was too valuable
I gave a hoot
I wouldn’t boot my chances of succeeding
Learning and working were my stepping tools
I swam in a high-rise pool
I was a fool for not moving up

Leaving The Nest
By Kazz Falcon

Leaving the nest
The rest had left already
I must test my wings
Mama wants me to go
It’s about that time, fly on my own
I was steady on the limb
Wings stretched out
Singing clamed my nerves
The flare was in me
Somewhere, I need to fly
Here goes nothing
There I go; I swished in the air
I pushed along with the wind
I used it as my guide
I soared in the skies
I looked back
Mama was so proud of me
I love her always
Leaving the nest

Stepping Stones
By Kazz Falcon

Stepping Stones
Each stone represent how far I cam
Teach me about life
I reached for the next stone
Nothing happen
Something crossed my mind
I can’t leave this stone
I must conquer it on my own
I trusted the stone,
Floating on the water
The next stone, I moved up in life
Each one after that,
Growing to be a better person
I was glowing into a light
A shinning light I can be proud
I fought to be on the next one
I lost sight of things
I fell into the water
Every stone disappeared
I reappeared on the same one I started on
By faith, I don’t have to start at the first one
I learned from my mistakes
I earned the stepping stones again

Broken Wings
By Kazz Falcon

Broken Wings
A bird fell from the blue sky
I took him home with me
I looked after him for a couple of weeks
He needed good care
Feeding him made him healthy and stronger
He was longing to fly in the blue skies
The dear sweet bird was fully healed
I cleared the way by fixing his broken wing
The day came from the night before
We saw the sunrays shinning bright
A signal from God, his running path was the light
His wings put up a fight
What a beautiful sight!
He flew south for the winter
Broken wings

I’m Flying High
By Kazz Falcon

I’m flying high above the skies
This white dove was gonna make a life of my own
Nobody would see me as a clone
I was for real
I felt it already
I got lots of deals
What a steal!
I landed in a big nest
This place wasn’t a test
I was on a quest
The best has finally arrived
The rest noticed me
I was no longer a guest
My time came in the sun
This was going to be fun I paid my dues
I knew all long I’d get a life of my own
I’m flying high

By Kazz Falcon

I need them to go through life much easier
Is that such a crime?
I’ll more happy I ever been in my life
I was still stuck at the same place
It really sucks
I want good luck come my way soon
The awful mood I was in
My life was at a standstill
The will to live
I was not in a happy stake
Depression comes and goes
Like there’s no tomorrow
I cried in my sorrows
I tried to keep my faith
Deep inside of me
I can’t give up my hope
Sometimes, it was hard to see my dreams
They disappeared from my gasp
They reappeared through my connections?

Being Invited
By Kazz Falcon

Being Invited
I was so excited
I tried not to bite my tongue
I cried when no one invite me
I felt left out
I melt that I got an invitation
It was about time someone did
I shouted for joy
I pouted if I can’t go
I had a wonderful time
The party gave me the opportunity to social
It paves the way to wear something special
My dear friends loved the outfit
It tore me to pieces
The hour has come to go home
See you later whenever that might be
The time was right to leave
Good night, friends

The Chance Of A Lifetime
By Kazz Falcon

The Chance Of A Lifetime
It was the wire to experience life
I was inspired to move on with my life
The fire within gave me a chance
It made me dance like a pro
Places I’ve never been to
Such places as Paris and London
An old friend  was dying friend from AIDS
Tying him down from going to beautiful places
Before long, I get older and settle down to one place
Experience life was traveling around to learn new stuff
A dream I always have since I was a small kid
Another friend moved to Europe
He wined and dined in a new country
He learned more about its cultures in person
Did he miss the boat?
He had the time of his life
My dying friend did
He don’t have that much time left
I wondered where did all the time went
Now, I was twenty four year old and going on twenty-five
Working and experience life were two different things
Working was a job and takes most of your time
Experience life, you must have the time to travel
The fun in the sun
By my writing, I would have both worlds
It should happen by the power of God
The chance of a lifetime

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