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By Kazz Falcon

What’s life?
Put a knife through me
Watch me bleed
All I need...
A chance at life
I had fallen to the pits
Homeless wasn’t a life
It was just bits
It don’t have a lot to offer
I dare not stay long and suffer
I cared for a life
One for which I could live
Happily ever after
My plan was to succeed and give back
Wake me up
Get me going to the top
Take me to my heart’s bippity bop
That’s the life I want
Here’s the life I don’t want
A homeless life
I won’t be homeless long
A pat on my back
I’ll sing my song
"I Have A Dream" by ABBA
What’s life?
That’s life

Being Wild
By Kazz Falcon

Being Wild
It’s so stupid of me
I used a sharp knife
It cost my life
I lost everything
To my true friends, I was nothing
I realized something
I gained a mess up life
The pain I was in
I must start all over again
I lifted up my chin
A new life I looked forward to
On the knife, I saw the blood
A wild jackass, I stood
From good friends, I burnt the wood
I was in an awful mood
My life wasn’t the same
I was the one to blame...
For being wild

Speak Highly
By Kazz Falcon

Speak highly of someone
Say, I’ve never doubted that one
The mood they was in is 100% fabulous
Truly, truly marvelous!
This was someone you want to know
White as angel’s glow
They were always in high spirits
Listen closely
You can hear it
Couldn’t we be like that too?
Gosh, maybe I should be ripped in two
I’ll have no more problems ever
Giving my help to whosoever
If nobody’s a crook...
Then their goose can’t be cook
When dark secrets was revealed,
Their good nature was sealed
I won’t bother with them
With the uncooked goose meal
I want to be in the same group
Where people throw me for a loop
It feels good to be notice like that
To them, I tip my hat
It raised my spirits to be loved by all
I like to stand up really tall
Speak highly

Going Home Again
By Kazz Falcon

Going Home Again
From the streets, I sung an sad song
Is this so long?
I can’t stand the homeless life
It gave me the scares
Living in fear brought me more nightmares
It doesn’t play fair
I faced a losing situation
It placed me in danger
Some people can’t control their anger
Home couldn’t be the streets of any life
I tempted to use a knife
Everywhere I turned
I believed I would get burn
Stupid things was going around
I want to pound my head to the ground
They were into drugs, alcohol and violence
HEY!  I don’t want to be part of it
May I have my life back?
Say, it could happen to anyone
Please help me, someone
Am I going home again?

Active Days
By Kazz Falcon

Active Days
I couldn’t want it any other way
I prayed every night,
“May I stay away from slow days?”
I’d rather have active days
Active days gave me a lot to do
Not the other way around
I found it so refreshing
It sounded good to my ears
I heard it to be in a fabulous mood
No more wasting time
Active days tore down my laziness
I forced myself into an exciting life
I shoot for good times with friends
I burned red hot every day
I turned toward the active days

Slow Days
By Kazz Falcon

Slow Days
Who likes them?
They can be so boring
I want every day active
They paved the way of being busy
I won’t cave in of being bore
Please save me
Those days give me sleep
Sleep I don’t need
I won’t weep for slow days
Keep them away from me
Deep in my heart, I can’t take them
I fell asleep during boring days
Make my days active
Things I can do with my life
Like singing a beautiful song
It brings me happy times
I don’t long for slow days

The Rough Side
By Kazz Falcon

The Rough Side
I want to hide
It’s a hard place to live
I will give anything for peace
Something I was desperate for
Peace in the neighborhood was my dream
Nobody was safe from South Central
Somebody will get kill by the gangs
You was dead!
I prayed to God daily,
Please end the danger
The day is coming soon.
Send us an angel to protect us
God connected people together for the same thing
We cared for peace
We want our hood back
Why swallow the negative food of the gangs?
We were in no mood for stupid games
I was so sure
We want this place to be safe...
from the rough side

Good Deed Of The Day
By Kazz Falcon

Good Deed Of The Day
I was someone in need
Help me out
You might be an angel in disguise
I received a blessing
My life came back
The bleeding stopped
Everything you dropped
I was tired of my life going nowhere
My life went up
I conquered my dreams
I was someone in life
Anything that put me on my feet
I loved writing poems and stories
You got the fork out of my back
I let everything fall into its place
It made my day to work every day
It was my turn to give someone in need
Good deed of the day

Ghost Talk
By Kazz Falcon

Ghost talk
I walked down the street
He talked to himself on La Brea
I can’t shut him up
I can't put him in his place
He may turn on me
I wondered why he was out of control
He talked crap to nobody
I walked by him
Nobody’s there besides him
I was sure
It’s pure nonsense
I saw him many times before
He talked to no one
He walked with a ghost
I guessed the ghost was his friend
He makes most with the ghost talk

By Kazz Falcon

I ended a bad marriage
It was sad and painful time for me
I was glad our life together is over
I was fed up the way he treated me
I was cheated out of real love
His flings defeated us
Why bring your love to me again?
I was singing this song
“I won’t take you back.”
You ate somebody else’s cake
Our fate for happiness was ruined
We went our separate ways
I was no longer your mate
It gave me renew hope for real love
It set me in a wonderful mood
I was dating all these sexy men
What a fabulous time after the divorce!

The Good Life
By Kazz Falcon

The Good Life
I can be proud of
The wrong crowd can cut me away
I don’t plan on that
I won’t give up my life
It saved me from alcohol and drugs
Trust me
I only want hugs
Nothing can be further from the truth
The good life is something I want
I put myself in a fabulous mood
I shut the wrong crowd out of my life
So long, the wrong crowd
I belonged with the good life

I Learned From Life
By Kazz Falcon

I Learned From Life
Episodes I lived through
Hard times made me stronger
Stronger not to fall for it twice
It’s nice that God is with me
No matter what it is
The good and the bad
I was so glad that I learn from life
I moved forward on with life
I loved going to the top
Nobody, please stop me
Somebody put me on the right track
I shut out the trash
My life won’t crash and burn
I turned away from the trash
My eyes stay focus to the top
I learned my lessons about life
I earned a good reputation
No trash would bring me down
I ole my life to God
And my family of friends
I sought people’s mistakes to learn from
You ought to so the same
It brought to my attention,
We need to live through the episodes.
Life would be better at the end.
I learned from life

By Kazz Falcon

Please be far away
I can’t handle them
The sight of dead movie frightened me to death
The soldiers fought for what’s right
Don’t bother me to enlist me
I won’t dare to be a soldier
I do cared for peace
Wars weren’t the way to go
In my eyes
Innocence people was killed
For no reason at all
Why couldn’t they put up a wall?
A wall of peace
Talk things out and come to an exclusion
Soldiers doesn’t make it home
Dead, hostage, diseases to name a few
Some was still missing in action
Those wars wouldn’t thrill me
It gave me chills thinking about it
I was truly scared of them
I lost a good night sleep
From the nightmares of the wars

By Kazz Falcon

What does the future brings?
Anything I like it to be
I’ll be careful what I asked for
It may not be what I want
I expected the unexpected
If I don’t like it
I changed it for the better
I lived only once
I used time at my advantage
Mine, only I used it wisely
I don’t have that much time left
My life was too short
I don’t dare to waste time
It’s too valuable
Time slips away as I get older
Nothing I can do about it
Except make plans to look forward to
I flipped pages in the time book
The future turned into the present
It left the past behind
I wished I could rewind the clock
I locked the bad doors
I lived the good life
Time doesn’t work that way
I must learn from my mistakes
Time healed all wounds
It wouldn’t cost me a dime
Just my time at my expense
Sometimes it tasted sour
I made lemonade out of lemons
I forsaken the bad
I took my time
I recognized life wasn’t all that bad
I don’t fall on my face
I stood tall
I put a wall against the bad
Life would be much easier
What does the future brings?

Broken Dreams
By Kazz Falcon

Broken Dreams
I screamed out loud
It seems it won’t happened
I don’t have the energy
The time was slipping away fast
Maybe, I should commit a crime
Things may go my way
Then again, everyone would look at me different
Someone ought to give me a lucky break
I lived for that day
Everything fell into its place
I became a happy camper
My day has finally arrived
I conquered all my wildest dreams
It’s only a dream
I woke up from the dream world
Only to realized
I still have the broken dreams

Oh Well
By Kazz Falcon

Oh Well
Life goes on
My attitude about life itself
Was I being rude?
Everyone has problems
Somebody needs to fix them
Nobody like me will help
I had my own problems to deal with
Why add theirs to mine?
I must work mine out first
That’s fine by me
The sign on my forehead,
Don’t get me involved
I won’t let yours become mine
It set me on a stress less plate
I met a lot of problems in my lifetime
None I want to go back to
We were alone in this world
Please give your problems to God
The only advice I can give you
I was nice enough to be there
As long it’s not stressful
If not, life goes on
On well

Writing Poems
By Kazz Falcon

Writing poems was an art form
I saw it that way
I want to stay on writing poems
People know me through them
They saw the real person inside
The poems I write was from life’s experience
The good and the bad
I never want to go back to old Steven
Because God makes it even
Life got better every day
No matter what we do
We can all learned something from my poems
That’s the beauty of it
I taught about life
They were fascinated by them
The beauty lies within my poems
They saw the beauty
They realized some of them they can relate to
Their hearts touched them
Tears rolled from their eyes
The poems brought the best out of them
It made everyone’s day to love people
An artist’s painting was an art form
People see the beauty of them
The beauty was what they love to see the most
It made them feel good and loving inside
See the art in poems
Call me the artist from the poems I wrote
See the story too
Call me a storyteller, a great one at that
These poems ended at a full swing from a baseball bat
A home run made it a final, 1 - 0

The Past
By Kazz Falcon

The Past
When does it end?
It never ends when it comes back
Tracking me down and haunting me
It continued to hurt me more
The present may stop it
If I played my cards right
I trusted the so-called friends
The present dusted the past off
It drove me nuts
The past destroyed me in the present
My present friends walked away
They talked I really did killed his gay brother
They made up their mind
The past wasn’t too kind
They took my past friend’s side
I looked deep inside of me
I can’t sleep in harmony
The damage had been done
Why can’t they leave the past alone?
It belonged in the past, not the present
We lived in the present to the future
Not the other way around
Please don’t believe everything you hear
The past

By Kazz Falcon

I thought about killing myself
My life was ruined
I put a knife through my heart
The pain ended for sure
A gun was a lot quicker
I aimed it at my head and pulled the trigger
BANG!  I was dead
Instead, I jumped over a bridge
The fast lane of cars killed me
The last of me splattered all over the highway
Nobody would know why I killed myself
The will to live became the will to die
I lost grip on life
Nobody has time to be there
They were in their own worlds
Who would save me?
I was still hurting from the troubles
The troubles may cost my life
I really don’t know what to do
I had to end it for once and for all
I was against the wall of suicide
My downfall wasn’t escaping the troubles
It made matters worse
In my heart, suicide wasn’t the answer
But I have no other choice
I lost everything at my power
My mind was far from living
I gave it up for good
My life was so bent out of shape
It sent me to an early grave
Suicide was the biggest mistake of my life
I can’t make it in my life
The problems were too hard to face
Nobody understand how I feel
I can’t be free of the troubles
It gave me a chance
I tried to dance around it
I cried my eyes out and found suicide
I had nobody and no place to turn to
I must face the music

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.