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I am an artist
The paintings with words suits me
I would be famous

The clock struck midnight
Only the mouses ran for cover
It scared them to death

I can’t see a thing
Sometimes I wished I could see
Then again, why see hate?

Happy Birthday, Kazz
Why can’t you be happy now?
It can’t be that bad

Because I am old
I just had a birthday, dear
I am getting old

A car blindsided me
I could not stand up at all
The pain was so great

Go to hell, you creep
You was my living nightmare
You deserve to die

Me, myself and I
I’m very pleased with them all
Those three are my rock

His blue eyes crossed path
The man took my breath away
I loved his smile too

Little boy, where are you?
Please come back home to your mom
I truly missed you

Why love grants headaches?
People do dumb things for love
Love should be loving

I am sick of you
Your drinking is out of hand
Please go to rehab

You became your ex
I thought you would be displeased
Drinking is your friend

The winds became cold
Soon, I was freezing to death
Where is my damn coat?

I looked upon you
You didn’t have the right answers
I could not trust Satan

What happened to you?
I haven’t seen you in a while
You left at midnight

The end of the world
Is coming frightening fast
It’s time to end life

I walked up to him
He has the gorgeous lips
We truly made out

How come he loves me?
Soon, I had a bad feeling
He is obsession

The wholly pastor
Summons up the pure forces
Which we speak in tongues

A bunch of us rode
The roller coaster was too much
The barf came out fast

I was beautiful
That every gay man wants me
I was so taken

There was once a guy
He has the world’s greatest smile
He made me happy

Copyright 2006 Steve Carey. All rights reserved.
Any reproduction, duplication, or distribution in any form is expressly prohibited.